Wednesday, 16 November 2011

New Boy at the Office

Matron was less than pleased with Nurse Janna and Nurse Danielle.  While I was asleep in my private hospital bed those hoydens were apparently very rude about me and even .... even .... put lipstick on me.  Matron Katie fortunately put a stop to the spectacle and dealt with those two disgraces to the uniform in time honoured fashion, over my hospital bed, whilst I slept.

Matron then woke me with the news and showed me the pink bottoms of the miscreants.  In my anger I thought the Matron had not done nearly enough, so each girl was ordered over my lap for a sound slippering.  Not exactly the sort of behaviour which goes in in an NHS hospital, you understand.  Yesterday I shot my first spanking movie.

I'd mentioned to a friend that I'd been interested a couple of months ago. I've worked as an actor, so this would be a way of combining two interests. So I was pleased to receive a call from a producer saying they were a Dom down and did I want to lend a hand?

A month later I found myself in a lovely house  with the formidable Katie Didit,  An ordinary suburban terraced house full of canes, straps, paddles, costumes.  All of which, I am assured, pack neatly into a wardrobe.

Katy and Jana (not from our shoot)

Once our crew  had set up and the lovely Janna and Danielle had arrived we chatted over cups of tea.  This is an edgy time for all of us.  It's a heightened normality, knowing that in fifteen minutes I will be spanking the bare bottoms of these lovelies.

So I was angry dad, angry patient, angry boss, angry headmaster, angry shopkeeper and angry husband. And boy did my hand, slipper, strap and cane get put to good use.

I learned a hell of a lot on the shoot.  I learned that the distributors know exactly what their market wants, and specify exactly what is needed in each scene. In this case, three minutes of dialogue, seven of whacking.  The reason for that, apparently, is if there are only two minutes of dialogue, that would mean an extra minute of whacking - all of which can add up and take it's toll on the models over a long day. They wanted so many in uniform, so many naked ... I was struck by the "matter of factness" of the proceedings.  The director and cameramen would pause to discuss which angle afforded the best views or the girl's "arse, pussy and face" in one shot.

Katie was on magnificent form, putting the fear of God into Dani and Janna.  Those two were real stars.  They can improvise, act and really "sell" a spanking.

Danielle Hunt - (not from our shoot)

I loved the way the younger ones were comfortable walking around naked between scenes, not worrying about who saw them change.  I KNOW they show it all on camera, but I'd have thought it would be different in a room full of strangers. 

Katie and I are both recovering from horrible colds.  So believe me we were both exhausted after seven minutes of bottom whacking  - the girls could just take it in their stride. And take it they certainly could.  There was no fakery in this shoot.  Katie and I spanked hard, the strap and slipperings were real, and I didn't hold back with the cane.

As the Dom you can feel like the least important person there.  And in many ways you are,  There are hundreds of guys queuing up to be in my shoes. I wasn't happy with my performance at first.  My improvisation was hesitant, I wasn't aware of camera position, and kept rushing to the spankings.  I soon learned, and I like to think that one or two of my scenes were pretty good.  I certainly got into the headspace of the character I was playing.  Even if all ten of them sounded like me with a cold.

They seemed pleased with what I did and hopefully there will be more shoots.

I love the idea that my "work" will be seen all over the world.  Thousands of one handed typists will be jealous of me, will want to be me, and will be totally unable to remember anything I said, did or what I looked like.

It was fun, but exhausting, and I'd love to do it again.  I hope to post links soon so you can see "me" in action.

Thanks everyone for a great day.