Thursday, 27 October 2011

Workers' Playtime Review

Well what an afternoon THAT was!

Despite the weather, and it being half term meaning many of us would have child care commitments (for some reason no one likes my idea of having a cr√®che) about twenty five brave souls rocked up to our winter quarters, which are the same as our summer quarters, only the main bar as the terrace and with a nice open fire to warm us up

Some of our number, however, were warmed up in different ways.  Naming no names but the lady (who had travelled from Wales to be with us) found out that lactating on my shirt makes sitting down difficult!  And one new member of the team was treated to a flogging and caning.  Takes me back to my navy days in the 18th Century!

Some of you didn't come to play, and I know Uncle Nick and Steven Roissey did a sterling job of hosting to munch part of the munch.  As some of you know, this was my first outing after surgery five weeks ago and I had a lot of pent up play to get out of my system. I am grateful to the ladies concerned. For those of you who wanted to play but weren't able to, please invite friends.  All we can provide is a space and like-minded company.  Our spankers and spankees are very accommodating nice people, but they might be very sore or tired out by the time you get around to asking!

The lady in the picture above was caned for the third time yesterday.  It was her first public event and she was much in demand, played a lot and went numb.  Consequently with hindsight she took more punishment than a newbie should have done.  Is it fair to ask a newbie to be responsible for knowing their own limits?  It is the top's responsibility to stop the play and bring the partner down gently if s/he believes damage is being done. Especially with someone who isn't experienced.  But it is a hard call. We've spoken today and she is as fine and happy as she was yesterday, but please remember everyone has the right to say no, even if they're new and keen to try new things.  And experience players should know when enough is enough, even if she's making gentle cooing noises!

After being hand spanked and paddled by several of the gentlemen there, this newbie lay accross a bench with her dress removed to be flogged bare back in front of an audience.  Starting gently I laid the leather flogger across her shoulders.  Brushing lightly at first, building in speed an intensity.  I walked around her, taunting her, sending a lash from an unexpected quarter.  She lay there, raising herself to the lash.  I lifted her head by the hair and looked into her wet by happy eyes,

"Now it begins"

I lashed down hard and sudden, flaying her back like a convict.  Making her pink and glow all over.  She lay there, soaking up the pain, and the eyers of ten onlookers as justice did its work.

Once again I lifted her head up by the hair.  She was smiling. Even when she was the senior cane, some thirty inches long, which I held in my free hand. She nodded.

I tapped her bottom with the cane.  She had been caned by her first Master just a week before, and her bottom was no stranger to punishment in her teens.

"Twelve.  And you will count and thank me for each stroke".


"One sir.  Thank you sir".

I checked every few strokes.  She'd live.  By stroke seven she was feeling it.  I decided to make the last two count.

"ElEEVEV! Ttthank you sssir!" Her bottom left the bench as a white double tracked weal formed on her bottom.

"One more.  And you WILL feel it.  Understood"? Again she nodded.  Twenty eyes bore down on her magnificent red, ridged bottom.

The final stroke took her to a new level of endurance.  But she held on, took her punishment in exemplary fashion.  Within seconds I had her in my arms, kissed her gently on the forehead.  She turned to take deserved applause from the onlookers.

If this is something which fascinates you. the next one is on Wednesday November 30th, it will be the last one of the year.  I'm making a list and checking it twice ...

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