Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Update October 2011

Well, it's been a while, fellow kinksters, and I can only apologise.  I've had surgery which sort of preoccupied me for a few weeks.  I thank the lovely athena who travelled over a hundred miles to give me her last gift of submission before retiring from the scene, as a "calming down" present before I went into surgery. She was a delight and the sight of her standing, head bowed and waiting, in my hallway as I attended to paperwork was the act of a true submissive.  Happy Trails, athena xx

Download this gallery as a zip-archive

I have a new story for you which is again based on a real encounter.  Unfortunately, no pics, but watch this space.  I have this morning also been contacted regarding a new venture which I hope to be able to talk about soon.  Rest assured it's a very exciting time for me.

My heart goes out to my dear friend Raven Red, who was the victim of a callous robbery after her return to South Africa.  Flog 'em, I say!  I mean it.

One item of note is that my good friend and co party organiser Nick Urzdown has a new book out called "A Spanking Good Life", about his time as a spanking writer.  Nick is the editor of Moonglow and has many interesting stories to tell.

I'm ordering my own copy soon, after having read an early draft during the writing phase.  I'll be puting up my own link to the the Amazon page soon, but you can read more about A Spanking Good Life  on that link.

It's Workers' Playtime tomorrow.  There is another entry about this in the blog.  It's basically a munch, a meeting in a bar of kink friendly folk to chat and meet.  Oh and go downstairs to the dungeon and spank our little hearts out.  The main website with all the details has been slapped down by the hosts, so the address of the venue is on a tab at the top of this blog.

We meet on the last Wednesday of the month betwene one and six pm.  All you have to be is nice.  After the play room shuts at 5,30 we move onto another bar.

It's my first time back after missing last month (having lots of tubes hanging out of me would be a bit offputting) and some lovely friends have promised to visit and drape themselves over my rather powerful knee. I'm looking forward to it immensely

So come it you can.

We'll speak soon

Dom x

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