Monday, 8 August 2011

And So To Bed

I also have a vanilla blog, but don't normally cross post.  I just thought this would be appropriate

We've had a couple of days of criminality here in London, including parts of town where used to live and live now.  I heard a woman who runs the Brixton Employment Cafe saying that these riots are a political reaction to you Black council workers losing their jobs in the current round of cutbacks.

Bollocky Bullshit

I lived in Peckham for seven years, and there has been an open campaign to discourage people from talking to the police about anything.  There was even a leaflet campaign encouraging silence over a recent murder.

Riots are nothing new.  We've had them for the two thousand years the city has been in existence.  Sometimes there is a genuine grievance, sometimes the slightest pretext is used for criminals to take charge for a while. The Blitz Spirit actually comprised of a lot of looting, appeasement riots and scores being settled.  Even in Bromley, where normally the most heinous crime is that of being beastly to a Labrador, had police cordons this afternoon.

This is happening because for once the Met is actually being effective for once..  Trident and Trafalgar are making real breakthroughs in tackling gun and knife crime in the communities most terrorised by it.And the scum are running scared.  If young hoodies on street corners are stopped and searched every day, so what?

This is not a racial thing.  Certainly not to the extent that they will attempt to play up.  Scum comes in all colours. Today we have seen the slags of all nations.

I am no champion of the police.  I have seen police corruption and brutality first hand in my family.  I was around for Miner's Strike.  The original Brixton and Tottenham Riots were genuine responses to oppressive and racist police tactics.  This riot seems to be a reaction against the oppression of JD Sports and Currys Digital.

But there are more of us than there are of them.  And although they will score victories and catch us with our pants down occasionally, we outnumber them, we outthink them and, admittedly from my safe vantage point on a big hill in the leafy suburbs, do not fear them.

I hope all my friends are safe, unthreatened and homed. As we normally do at times like this, let's look out for each other.

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