Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Hello World

My name is Dominic Hyde.  It obviously isn't, but I think you can guess why.  I'm not tall, nothing special to look at, nor am I rich.  I have been spanking for eight years now, for discipline, fun, catharsis and stress relief.  Inspired by my good friend Peter Jones, the London Spank Daddy, I've decided to share some of my encounters with you, names changed to protect the guilty.  Perhaps you'd like an encounter yourself.  I'm an experienced and sensible mentor, good company, slow to raise a hand, but quick to bring it down on your bottom once raised.


  1. Welcome, Dominic! I just popped over from Uncle Nick's and am looking forward to more entries.

    If I may make a suggestion? It's really hard to read what you've written here. Any way to make the font bigger or a different color (or different background)? Just a suggestion.

    Welcome again!



  2. Many thanks, Pink. I'll have a play with the design and font size next week. Getting on a bit m'self, y'know!