Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Double Trouble

Yes I DO serious mentoring and it gets pretty heavy sometimes. But sometimes it's nice to kick back with friends. These two reprobates relax by getting their bottoms warmed. Here comes the sciency bit - yes that IS a word!

When your body is attacked or in pain the brain releases chemicals, called endorphins, which act as natural painkillers. Once the body is used to the pain and the "attach" - my hand - continues, the endorphins build up in your system. The feeling is often described as floating, and can reach a point where the spankee is "spaced out" or in "sub space".

It's a high as powerful as any drug - not that I've tried the serious ones. Even I get it as a Spanker. Sometimes at the end of a spanking I'm a little bit spaced, so it's best to wait half an hour before accepting a lift home with me.

The downside is that sometimes, when the endorphins wear off, a sudden mood swing occurs, causing enui and a feeling of loss. This is known as "sub drop". Nasty.

The best way to get to sub space is a slow, gentle spanking, building in intensity, maintaining rhythm and closeness between the parties. Your needs may be different.

Seriously I have used this type of spanking, also known as a "good girl" spanking (not that there's any such thing) to help a friend de-stress before going into hospital for major surgery.  There's a whole other blog entry to be written about going to A&E and realising you have fairly fresh can stripes!  (Don't worry, they've seen it all before).

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