Wednesday, 16 November 2011

New Boy at the Office

Matron was less than pleased with Nurse Janna and Nurse Danielle.  While I was asleep in my private hospital bed those hoydens were apparently very rude about me and even .... even .... put lipstick on me.  Matron Katie fortunately put a stop to the spectacle and dealt with those two disgraces to the uniform in time honoured fashion, over my hospital bed, whilst I slept.

Matron then woke me with the news and showed me the pink bottoms of the miscreants.  In my anger I thought the Matron had not done nearly enough, so each girl was ordered over my lap for a sound slippering.  Not exactly the sort of behaviour which goes in in an NHS hospital, you understand.  Yesterday I shot my first spanking movie.

I'd mentioned to a friend that I'd been interested a couple of months ago. I've worked as an actor, so this would be a way of combining two interests. So I was pleased to receive a call from a producer saying they were a Dom down and did I want to lend a hand?

A month later I found myself in a lovely house  with the formidable Katie Didit,  An ordinary suburban terraced house full of canes, straps, paddles, costumes.  All of which, I am assured, pack neatly into a wardrobe.

Katy and Jana (not from our shoot)

Once our crew  had set up and the lovely Janna and Danielle had arrived we chatted over cups of tea.  This is an edgy time for all of us.  It's a heightened normality, knowing that in fifteen minutes I will be spanking the bare bottoms of these lovelies.

So I was angry dad, angry patient, angry boss, angry headmaster, angry shopkeeper and angry husband. And boy did my hand, slipper, strap and cane get put to good use.

I learned a hell of a lot on the shoot.  I learned that the distributors know exactly what their market wants, and specify exactly what is needed in each scene. In this case, three minutes of dialogue, seven of whacking.  The reason for that, apparently, is if there are only two minutes of dialogue, that would mean an extra minute of whacking - all of which can add up and take it's toll on the models over a long day. They wanted so many in uniform, so many naked ... I was struck by the "matter of factness" of the proceedings.  The director and cameramen would pause to discuss which angle afforded the best views or the girl's "arse, pussy and face" in one shot.

Katie was on magnificent form, putting the fear of God into Dani and Janna.  Those two were real stars.  They can improvise, act and really "sell" a spanking.

Danielle Hunt - (not from our shoot)

I loved the way the younger ones were comfortable walking around naked between scenes, not worrying about who saw them change.  I KNOW they show it all on camera, but I'd have thought it would be different in a room full of strangers. 

Katie and I are both recovering from horrible colds.  So believe me we were both exhausted after seven minutes of bottom whacking  - the girls could just take it in their stride. And take it they certainly could.  There was no fakery in this shoot.  Katie and I spanked hard, the strap and slipperings were real, and I didn't hold back with the cane.

As the Dom you can feel like the least important person there.  And in many ways you are,  There are hundreds of guys queuing up to be in my shoes. I wasn't happy with my performance at first.  My improvisation was hesitant, I wasn't aware of camera position, and kept rushing to the spankings.  I soon learned, and I like to think that one or two of my scenes were pretty good.  I certainly got into the headspace of the character I was playing.  Even if all ten of them sounded like me with a cold.

They seemed pleased with what I did and hopefully there will be more shoots.

I love the idea that my "work" will be seen all over the world.  Thousands of one handed typists will be jealous of me, will want to be me, and will be totally unable to remember anything I said, did or what I looked like.

It was fun, but exhausting, and I'd love to do it again.  I hope to post links soon so you can see "me" in action.

Thanks everyone for a great day.

Monday, 31 October 2011

Edited Lowlifes

Hello Maisy

Thanks for getting in touch.

Just to confuse you even more I am also known as Dominic Hyde after my original spanko profile on Facebook got nuked.  I'm just out to a meeting about a play munch I'm organising next Wednesday in King's Cross. You can find details of that on [… ] Might be a little daunting for you, but you're very welcome and under no obligation to join in the fun in the cellar bar.
I have a blog (which I've just moved over to Google Blogs today) which sort of explains who I am and partly what I do.  You can find it here
As you's will see I'm no oil painting, but I do believe spanking is an effective disciplinary tool for all ages.  It can also be fun.
I assume you'll have lots of questions and I'm happy to answer them, so please do email me back once you've read the blog and tell me about you.

Dominic x

Hello Dominic,

Frstly, thanks so much for your email, both here and on British Spanking. And your very interesting blog.
You have described exactly what I am looking for, ie proper punishment and discipline. I grew up in a home with no boundaries and as a result had no respect for authority and behaved very badly. Shoplifted as a kid and was a nightmare for the teachers at boarding school. Disrupted class and played many cruel jokes on people and made sure other girls got the blame.
Was an even worse teenager, getting drunk and staying out all night, taking money from my mother's purse. The only punishment at my school was washing up for the school which I didn't mind.
Have always wrapped everyone round my little finger. My husband is no exception. He is so passive that I wear the pants and he lets me get away with murder. I make him do all the housework etc.
With such a long list of misdeeds and many bad attitudes I am looking for a disciplinarian to help with both and, I guess, take me in hand. I have always got my own way and haven't had anyone stand up to me.
I really want to change and be accountable to someone who would bring correction and discipline. Is this something you feel you could help with?
Thanks again for your message and I hope to hear from you. Hope you have had a good day.
Kind regards,
Maisy x

Hi Maisy

I've had a chance to read your email and I hope you don't mind if I weigh in with my thoughts.
You and I grew up in an era when spanking was, although becoming less common, still something to be expected by many kids our age.  I imagine you knew other kids who were getting it and I'm wondering if, like me, you were curious about it.  I was spanked at home and school. My parents were loving and not in the least bit distant.  The spankings I got were neither frequent or brutal, nor were they just warning smacks.  They told me where the line was.  Although I didn't appreciate it at the time, they were as important as the frequent hugs I DID receive.
You seem to be carrying a lot of guilt about your past behaviour, and, to be frank, you should.  Making sure others got the blame for your actions was malicious and cowardly.  It sounds like you were craving attention, any attention.  You didn't just lack boundaries, but real affection.  I think you were doing your best to get spanked by someone, ANYONE, just to be noticed.
Taking money from your mother's purse and staying out all night drinking is, as you believe, a symptom of the lack of loving control you have needed since you were a little girl.  You did them because you could.  Are they victimless crimes?  Did your mother miss that money? Did she feel so cowed by you that she would prefer to let it slide?  Did she feel that your father wouldn't give you what you were crying out for?  Did your parents worry about your drinking and staying out all night?  I know mine did. I don't know if your parents worried about you.  That's something you'll have to think about.
As for your relationship with your husband.  Why did you marry him?  Did you respect him as a person when you first met?  Have you just beaten him down to the point where he just doesn't care about you any more, and submits to your demands for a quiet life?
You do need accountability, which you feel your husband should provide.  You probably won't believe me when I say that I don't always think spanking is appropriate, but in your case I'm pretty sure it is.  I think first of all you need a cathartic closure spanking.  You need the hand spanking your mother should have given you as a girl, the slippering the school should have given you for disrupting lessons and the strapping your father should have given you for your teenage activities.
You will at some stage need the spanking you feel your husband should be giving you. I would need to talk with you some more about that to formulate the plan.
You are the product of your upbringing and your upbringing was lacking.  However you can grow past that.  I imagine you've been carrying this guilt for a while now and that it is eating you up inside.  Spanking alone isn't going to bring about change. You have to really want this.  And you will only get rid of that nagging guilt when you take action to make the change.
You need to learn to respect your husband. He's never going to be a dominant Head of House.  I don't think you are naturally dominant either.  You just believe in roles and you are filling a vacuum.  However I don't think it's making either of you happy. It's not good to diminish another person just because you can.  Ultimate it demeans you.
I am happy to provide the accountability and discipline you need.
A few things you need to know:  it is going to hurt more than you imagined. I'm not an ogre, but I do know that the memory of pain fades quickly, so pain needs to be quite intense and stay with you a while for the lesson to sink in.  For this reason you may take your spankings over a number of visits. The final spanking will be quite intense, and as you are probably not sure what your threshold is, it is something you should think about.
You will find the spanking arousing,  There is an endorphin rush to the brain will kick in at some point.  This is the body's fear and pain management system, but in a prolonged spanking the effect is exhillerating.  The lecture, the waiting, the corner time and the spanking will trigger memories. Those memories might even produce tears as you let all the hurt and guilt go.  As this is something you feel you should receive from your husband you may find the process sexually arousing. This is normal.  How that is dealt with is up to you.
I spank on the bare bottom and use a variety of implements.  The most important is my voice.  You will be interviewed before the punishment, and you WILL know my displeasure.
Do not be afraid to ask for a hug.
I would like you to present me a 500 word handwritten essay on the subject of Respect, and I would like you to prepare your husband's favourite meal, treat him like a king and indulge hie every wish for one night. Do with with an open heart.  Even if you decide your relationship is over he deserves that much for putting up with you.
I would then propose to give you a hand spanking, slippering and complete the session with a short dose of either the hairbrush or the strap. This, I feel, will help you bring closure to the mistakes of the past, and provide a basis from which to grow in a more contained, controlled way.

I have been doing this over a number of years.  I grew up fascinated with spankings, and from my mid thirties started giving them.  As I have suggested, ask around the more active members of the site.
Any punishments I aware are always given with your express consent.  You can withdraw that consent at any time, even during a spanking. This is done by means of a "safe word" - a word agreed between us which ends the session or stops the activity.  Often people use the "traffic light" system, which should be self explanatory.
For your safety I suggest a "safe call".  Tell a trusted friend that you are meeting someone, and that you will call them during that meeting to let them know you are safe.  It's safe to meet first of all in a public place.  That's one rule I don't always adhere to.
I hope I have covered the bases.  If there is anything you need to know, please reply.  I imagine you've had several responses and I hope you find what you need,  The ball is now in your court.

Dominic x

Hello Dominic,
Thank you very much indeed for such a fabulous and insightful email. You really do sound perfect for what I am looking for. I shall be discreet at all times and adhere to whatever rules you set.
You described my upbringing with amazing insight. There are an enormous amount of bad things I got up to. I only shared with you the mild ones!  The emotional side of my parents' neglect I dealt with through counselling some years back, which is why I now feel ready to focus on my part of the story and take responsibility for all I did wrong.
My husband was fairly strong before we got married, then once the ceremony was over he told me he wanted to "abdicate from all headship" and have me in charge, which is not what I wanted. I realised then I had made a terrible mistake, then our son came along so we will wait until he is independent, then divorce. You are  so right in saying I have not treated him well. He even has a bald patch from my pulling at his hair in fits of anger (never when my son was around)! I can send you more details of the other bad things I have got up to in life if you wanted.
Would it be acceptable to do the essay on Sunday evening please?The reason being that I am working for my father today then have a friend arriving for a long weekend tomorrow?
I will do my best to be nice to my husband for a day! May do it through gritted teeth!
In haste (late lunch hour) but with very grateful thanks for your offer of help which sounds spot on and which I would like to accept please. I can't accommodate unfortunately but can travel to you if you had a venue in mind?
Hope the rest of your day goes very well.
Kind regards,

Hi Maisy

You can do the essay whenever you feel ready.  There is no deadline unless you want me to set one.  It isn't for my benefit.  I would like you to bring it to our meeting and I will read it then.
I know being nice to a man you don't respect isn't going to be easy.  But he's stayed to provide for and care for your son.  I'm only asking for one day, then you can go back to ignoring each other.  I know how frustrating that must be for you. I am not about setting you rules, but agreeing a course of action with you, and keeping you accountable to it.
The spanking I intend to give you is to draw a line under your earlier life and wipe the slate clean for you,  Where you go from there is up to you.  I would think very carefully about what you tell me about your earlier activities as I WILL take these into account when deciding your punishment.

Hello Dominic
I am so sorry not to have emailed before now. Been unbelievably busy.

Purely due to the easier journey, I met a disciplinarian from this county recently and took part one of my list of misdeeds to work through. I didn't feel at all comfortable with this person, but that may have just been me, so am not pursuing again. I am a very warm person and am not good with people who are the opposite. It would be nice after punishment to have a hug or bit of reassurance that all was forgotten.
Again, apologies for this late email. Been rather a lot happening. Do hope all is well and the heat isn't unbearable in London.
Kind regards,


Sorry about your news and your unpleasant encounter.  You deserve better.  If you're ever ready again let me know.

Take care

Dominic x

Hi Dominic
Many thanks for your understanding email. I do want to pursue discipline. Not just for the past but as I have probably mentioned for current bad attitudes as well. Been so frazzled with the Norway atrocities I'm afraid I have forgotten how far we had come in terms of getting started. Will look over your messages again.
Some of my past offences are very serious. A couple done when a teenager were illegal and others put people in danger. Do you mind if I ask what sort of punishment you would give for those kinds of misdeeds?
Hope all's well with you.
Kind regards,

Hi Maisy
Well, if you read my blog post "Formality", the truth behind that story was a teacher who contacted me feeling guilty about accidentally leaving a toddler behind in a park during an outdoor lesson.  The agreed punishment was twelve strokes of the senior cane.  I ended up giving her thirty six strokes at full force to bring her to the point of catharsis she needed. "Sabrina" is an experience spankee with a high pain threshold and a strong desire to be punished at the heavier end of the spectrum.
I would have to read your reactions and body language under warm up spankings, but I have punished theft from a shop with twelve full force strokes of the cane. For the illegal activities I would suggest a combination of strap and cane.  It really IS horses for courses.  In your first session you might be tempted to take more than is good for you.  You also need to know that strap and cane marks remain highly visible for three or four days, and visible for up to two weeks.
If you cannot be marked I WOULD use a lexan paddle, which hurts like there's no tomorrow,  but does not mark or bruise.  At the moment I'm having trouble sourcing one in the UK.
As this stuff is hopefully in your past the beating alone will draw a line under the incidents.
Hopefully this will ease your frustration with your husband who deserves civility and not abuse.
The original punishments I had in mind were a hand spanking, a school style slippering, followed by a dozen with the strap. I also requested a 500 word handwritten essay on the subject of respect. Anything you add to your list will result in additional strap brush or cane strokes, depending on the nature of the incidents.
Think carefully before you send me your list.
Until then, take care.
Ps I will send pictures of the implements to give you an idea of what is in store.

Dear Dominic
Thank you so much for your comprehensive email, you write very well and the details you give help me prepare for punishment. The only issue I have is that you want me to respect my husband!! I think respect is earned, not given, and I have none whatsoever for him as he is such a wimp. May get HIM to do the essay you want! :-)
Here are a few examples of my misdeeds:
As a kid telling my parents my sister had been run over & killed (she hadn't)
Bullying kids
Wasting an entire private education by not working
Stealing money from my mother's purse
Shoplifting as a kid several times
Disrupting class
Playing painful jokes on teachers
Ruining a school Open Day
Lacing a fruit punch with alcohol & making a girl very ill
Running away from home
Spent all year at O'level college in the pub
Causing an explosion at school
Getting drunk all the time as a teenager & staying out all night
Having no respect for authority
Flooding bathroom at school & getting another girl blamed for it. A teacher was in the room below & could have been electrocuted as water was pouring through her ceiling light. The girl I blamed was smacked by her father
Stealing a police sign
Cheating at a secretarial exam
Showing up at o'levels high on marijuana
Caused cinema to be evacuated by playing joke
Borrowing 360 quid from my father's petty cash at work & not paying it back
Lying to my parents all the time
Getting into debt by over-spending & getting my dad and/or husband to pay them off (multiple times)
Not looking after someone's child by getting drunk
Hitting husband & pulling his hair out many times
Throwing hubby's phone & camera out of the window
Playing jokes all the time on a friend at work & disrupting his meetings
Smuggling marijuana in my bra from L.A. to London when 20
These are just a few examples as I have a lifetime's worth to account for. Forgive me if I have told them to you already. There are loads more.
Hope you are not too shocked. I have always been a law unto myself but genuinely want to change. My husband and I have not slept in the same bedroom for years so marks on my bum aren't an issue.
Look forward to hearing from you, albeit nervously!
Kind regards,

Dear Dominic
Just to say how relieved I was to hear that you and your loved ones are safe, was concerned for you. What a summer! Spent two weeks desperately worried about the safety of friends and family in Oslo, now have the same concerns about loved ones in London!
Hope you weren't too shocked by the examples from my list of misdeeds. Growing up in a home with literally no boundaries or consequences I have always been a law unto myself and misbehaved every day, so accounting for them all would take years! So will have to lump a whole load together when being punished! Do you mind cheekiness?
Hope you and your family stay safe and well. Take care.
- Show quoted text -

Dear Maisy

Wow, what a list.

I DID ask you to think carefully before you admitted your past faults to me.  I have given this some thought and based by awards on the damage or distress caused to other people by your actions or failure to act.  Harm or distress to others earns more severe punishment that theft or behaviour which cost someone else money.

There are some misdeeds for which, frankly, I feel a little hypocritical in awarding you a punishment.  I wasted a year in college in the pub, and brought marijuana into the country in my late thirties!  However at the age you committed the offence an arrest in LA would have cost your parents thousands in legal fees, you wouls have lost your holiday and never have been allowed back into the US.  Everything has consequences.

You grew up without boundaries, it is true, but most of us at least have a sense that others suffer by your actions.  At least now you are showing some degree of conscience and desire to move on.

It is too late to make amends for most of your behaviour. It goes beyond youthful high spirits in many cases and you know that,  I understand you have had counselling and that you are aware that you do not NEED to be punished for your misdeeds, but as an adult you feel the punishment would give you a sense of closure.

This pattern of behaviour should have been nipped in the bud, but you were surrounded by people who did not have the courage to set the appropriate boundaries.  Punishment does not of itself create good behaviour, but lets the person being punished know that their current behaviour is unacceptable.  You should have been taken firmly in hand as a girl.  Now, however, you have earned yourself a considerable punishment, which I have set out below.
Offence Punishment
Wasting an entire private education by not working Handspanking and Cornertime
Disrupting class Hand spanking
Playing painful jokes on teachers Hand spanking
Spent all year at O'level college in the pub Handspanking and Cornertime
Having no respect for authority Handspanking and Cornertime
Lying to my parents all the time Handspanking and Cornertime
Getting into debt by over-spending & getting my dad and/or husband to pay them off (multiple times) Handspanking and Cornertime
Playing jokes all the time on a friend at work & disrupting his meetings Hand spanking
As a kid telling my parents my sister had been run over & killed (she hadn't) Slipper (12)
Ruining a school Open Day Slipper (6)
Stealing a police sign Slipper (6)
Caused cinema to be evacuated by playing joke Slipper (8)
Borrowing 360 quid from my father's petty cash at work & not paying it back Slipper (8)
Bullying kids Hairbrush (12)
Stealing money from my mother's purse Hairbrush (6)
Flooding bathroom at school & getting another girl blamed for it. A teacher was in the room below & could have been electrocuted as water was pouring through her ceiling light. The girl I blamed was smacked by her father Hairbrush (12 over 12 cane strokes)
Smuggling marijuana in my bra from L.A. to London when 20 Hairbrush (8) You would have cost your parents thousands if caught
Shoplifting as a kid several times Strapped Hands (6)
Cheating at a secretarial exam Strapped hands (6)
Showing up at O'levels high on marijuana Strapped hands (6)
Running away from home Strap (8)
Getting drunk all the time as a teenager & staying out all night Strap (8)
Hitting husband & pulling his hair out many times Strap (12)
Throwing hubby's phone & camera out of the window Strap (8)
Lacing a fruit punch with alcohol & making a girl very ill Cane (8)
Causing an explosion at school Cane (12)
Flooding bathroom at school & getting another girl blamed for it. A teacher was in the room below & could have been electrocuted as water was pouring through her ceiling light. The girl I blamed was smacked by her father Cane (12 followed by 12 with hairbrush over strokes)
Not looking after someone's child by getting drunk Cane (12)

Accrued Punishment

Handspanking 15-20 minutes
Slipper (40)
Hairbrush (26) (38 in total)
Corner time (15 mins)
Hand Strapping (18)
Strap (36)
Cane (44)
Hairbrush (12)

The prospect of the above should fill you with dread.  |t is beyond the scope of must humans.  You CAN try to take this if you wish, or take it over several sessions.

If have the capacity to be merciful, if you wish to conclude this in one session.  It will be severe.  Your return journey will be very difficult and the pain will stay with you for several days.

Merciful Punishment Suggestion

Handspanking (15-20 mins)
Slipper (36)
Hairbrush (24)
Corner time (15 mins)
Hand Strapping (6)
Strap (24)
Cane (18)

At the end of each implement we will hug, talk this through and allow you to let the misdeeds go.  It will be an intense physical and emotional session.
Let me know if you think this is appropriate.
Anyway, those are my current thoughts on the matter.  You can withdraw some of your misdeeds in your next email, but  I believe my proposals are fair given your actions over the years.

Take care

Dominic xx

Dear Dominic
It was so kind of you to take such time and care over deciding which punishments should fit the crimes I shared with you. I appreciate that very much and thought you were more than fair, and I am happy with them, although I am not sure my bum would cope with all that in one session only! Perhaps over a few sessions?

I shared a room with [An Ex Royal] (once dyed her pubes green!) and Jean-Paul Belmondo's daughter Florence (we called her Flo). I I didn't like her at school so didn't keep in touch, although she contacted me.
Thanks again for your kind help. Would I also be able to have help with changing current behaviour please? Have just got my dad to clear all my debts again, which I know was a bit naughty.
Stay safe, and I look forward to hearing from you again.
Kind regards,
Maisy xx

Strangely enough I never did get that essay ...

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Workers' Playtime Review

Well what an afternoon THAT was!

Despite the weather, and it being half term meaning many of us would have child care commitments (for some reason no one likes my idea of having a crèche) about twenty five brave souls rocked up to our winter quarters, which are the same as our summer quarters, only the main bar as the terrace and with a nice open fire to warm us up

Some of our number, however, were warmed up in different ways.  Naming no names but the lady (who had travelled from Wales to be with us) found out that lactating on my shirt makes sitting down difficult!  And one new member of the team was treated to a flogging and caning.  Takes me back to my navy days in the 18th Century!

Some of you didn't come to play, and I know Uncle Nick and Steven Roissey did a sterling job of hosting to munch part of the munch.  As some of you know, this was my first outing after surgery five weeks ago and I had a lot of pent up play to get out of my system. I am grateful to the ladies concerned. For those of you who wanted to play but weren't able to, please invite friends.  All we can provide is a space and like-minded company.  Our spankers and spankees are very accommodating nice people, but they might be very sore or tired out by the time you get around to asking!

The lady in the picture above was caned for the third time yesterday.  It was her first public event and she was much in demand, played a lot and went numb.  Consequently with hindsight she took more punishment than a newbie should have done.  Is it fair to ask a newbie to be responsible for knowing their own limits?  It is the top's responsibility to stop the play and bring the partner down gently if s/he believes damage is being done. Especially with someone who isn't experienced.  But it is a hard call. We've spoken today and she is as fine and happy as she was yesterday, but please remember everyone has the right to say no, even if they're new and keen to try new things.  And experience players should know when enough is enough, even if she's making gentle cooing noises!

After being hand spanked and paddled by several of the gentlemen there, this newbie lay accross a bench with her dress removed to be flogged bare back in front of an audience.  Starting gently I laid the leather flogger across her shoulders.  Brushing lightly at first, building in speed an intensity.  I walked around her, taunting her, sending a lash from an unexpected quarter.  She lay there, raising herself to the lash.  I lifted her head by the hair and looked into her wet by happy eyes,

"Now it begins"

I lashed down hard and sudden, flaying her back like a convict.  Making her pink and glow all over.  She lay there, soaking up the pain, and the eyers of ten onlookers as justice did its work.

Once again I lifted her head up by the hair.  She was smiling. Even when she was the senior cane, some thirty inches long, which I held in my free hand. She nodded.

I tapped her bottom with the cane.  She had been caned by her first Master just a week before, and her bottom was no stranger to punishment in her teens.

"Twelve.  And you will count and thank me for each stroke".


"One sir.  Thank you sir".

I checked every few strokes.  She'd live.  By stroke seven she was feeling it.  I decided to make the last two count.

"ElEEVEV! Ttthank you sssir!" Her bottom left the bench as a white double tracked weal formed on her bottom.

"One more.  And you WILL feel it.  Understood"? Again she nodded.  Twenty eyes bore down on her magnificent red, ridged bottom.

The final stroke took her to a new level of endurance.  But she held on, took her punishment in exemplary fashion.  Within seconds I had her in my arms, kissed her gently on the forehead.  She turned to take deserved applause from the onlookers.

If this is something which fascinates you. the next one is on Wednesday November 30th, it will be the last one of the year.  I'm making a list and checking it twice ...

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Update October 2011

Well, it's been a while, fellow kinksters, and I can only apologise.  I've had surgery which sort of preoccupied me for a few weeks.  I thank the lovely athena who travelled over a hundred miles to give me her last gift of submission before retiring from the scene, as a "calming down" present before I went into surgery. She was a delight and the sight of her standing, head bowed and waiting, in my hallway as I attended to paperwork was the act of a true submissive.  Happy Trails, athena xx

Download this gallery as a zip-archive

I have a new story for you which is again based on a real encounter.  Unfortunately, no pics, but watch this space.  I have this morning also been contacted regarding a new venture which I hope to be able to talk about soon.  Rest assured it's a very exciting time for me.

My heart goes out to my dear friend Raven Red, who was the victim of a callous robbery after her return to South Africa.  Flog 'em, I say!  I mean it.

One item of note is that my good friend and co party organiser Nick Urzdown has a new book out called "A Spanking Good Life", about his time as a spanking writer.  Nick is the editor of Moonglow and has many interesting stories to tell.

I'm ordering my own copy soon, after having read an early draft during the writing phase.  I'll be puting up my own link to the the Amazon page soon, but you can read more about A Spanking Good Life  on that link.

It's Workers' Playtime tomorrow.  There is another entry about this in the blog.  It's basically a munch, a meeting in a bar of kink friendly folk to chat and meet.  Oh and go downstairs to the dungeon and spank our little hearts out.  The main website with all the details has been slapped down by the hosts, so the address of the venue is on a tab at the top of this blog.

We meet on the last Wednesday of the month betwene one and six pm.  All you have to be is nice.  After the play room shuts at 5,30 we move onto another bar.

It's my first time back after missing last month (having lots of tubes hanging out of me would be a bit offputting) and some lovely friends have promised to visit and drape themselves over my rather powerful knee. I'm looking forward to it immensely

So come it you can.

We'll speak soon

Dom x

Monday, 8 August 2011

And So To Bed

I also have a vanilla blog, but don't normally cross post.  I just thought this would be appropriate

We've had a couple of days of criminality here in London, including parts of town where used to live and live now.  I heard a woman who runs the Brixton Employment Cafe saying that these riots are a political reaction to you Black council workers losing their jobs in the current round of cutbacks.

Bollocky Bullshit

I lived in Peckham for seven years, and there has been an open campaign to discourage people from talking to the police about anything.  There was even a leaflet campaign encouraging silence over a recent murder.

Riots are nothing new.  We've had them for the two thousand years the city has been in existence.  Sometimes there is a genuine grievance, sometimes the slightest pretext is used for criminals to take charge for a while. The Blitz Spirit actually comprised of a lot of looting, appeasement riots and scores being settled.  Even in Bromley, where normally the most heinous crime is that of being beastly to a Labrador, had police cordons this afternoon.

This is happening because for once the Met is actually being effective for once..  Trident and Trafalgar are making real breakthroughs in tackling gun and knife crime in the communities most terrorised by it.And the scum are running scared.  If young hoodies on street corners are stopped and searched every day, so what?

This is not a racial thing.  Certainly not to the extent that they will attempt to play up.  Scum comes in all colours. Today we have seen the slags of all nations.

I am no champion of the police.  I have seen police corruption and brutality first hand in my family.  I was around for Miner's Strike.  The original Brixton and Tottenham Riots were genuine responses to oppressive and racist police tactics.  This riot seems to be a reaction against the oppression of JD Sports and Currys Digital.

But there are more of us than there are of them.  And although they will score victories and catch us with our pants down occasionally, we outnumber them, we outthink them and, admittedly from my safe vantage point on a big hill in the leafy suburbs, do not fear them.

I hope all my friends are safe, unthreatened and homed. As we normally do at times like this, let's look out for each other.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Workers Playtime Munch

If you've always been fascinated by spanking, and are nervous about dipping a toe in the water, a great way of discovering the world is a Munch.

A munch is a meeting of likeminded folks over a drink or a meal. It's a contraction of Meet for lUNCH. In the BDSM and Spanking communities they are usually held in a restaurant or pub and are what is termed "vanilla" - no spanking takes place. It's a chat, and a place to meet potential new partners, get advice and gossip. It's regarded as the best introduction to the world of spanking/BDSM for the nervous newbie. People wear street clothes to these events as we don't want to frighten the horses - or ponyboys.

I used to host a weekday much once a month in Central London. Then work intervened as I got a part in a series ... few weeks ago a friend mentioned he's found somewhere where we could combine our love of socialising with our love of spanking, and Workers' Playtime was born. Here is a quick review of what is turning out to be a semi regular event.

David Scott and Dominic Hyde invited friends from Facebook and other spanking sites we visit to a one off event at a Fetish friendly bar near King's Cross Station in London. About thirty people attended in all, including the lovely Domme Katie Didit,  Peter Jones the London Spank Daddy, Raven and Nick Urzdown. Many other friends attended, but naturally we don't blab!

We had the whole place virtually to ourselves for the afternoon. The venue is used to people playing there, so there was no need to hide it. Upstairs there was a pleasant bar and an open roof terrace, which was a great place to spend an afternoon.

The cellar bar was a bit smelly!  It did however, boast some basic equipment, such as St Andrew's Cross, a couple of spanking benches and a cage.  There were even stocks in the store room!  There were also alcoves where you could play in a degree of privacy.  There was some lovely play happening. Between us we managed to help a nervous newbie take her first steps into playing safely and happily (thanks guys, you know who you are).  I assisted the Spank Daddy in dealing with two naughty "schoolies", whilst Mistimes Katie  dealt with any number of deserving bottoms. I, however, was hiding in the lovely terrace bar, enjoying a drink the Nick and Raven. 

Raven, incidentally, flew in from South Africa just to be with us.  We're THAT special.

We drew stumps at six o clock as another party was about to come in.  We had a great time and it was decided to host another one, for more Dungeons and Dragon Canes Play.  My Hyde, webmaster, has set up this website to answer FAQ's and get information out quickly as the last munch took several hours of "customer care"

And how much did we charge for this? Nothing!  Not a penny.  If you've found this blog then you have proved yourself smart and kinky enough to come and join us.  Play is optional, and kept separate from the chat area.

Just click on the link below for details

Workers' Playtime

You can also email me directly

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Sunday Morning

What better way to ease yourself into a lovely Sunday morning than in the company of David and Glllian?

Gillian had just been collared the night before.  We were all a little tired. SO we began with a gentle warm up.

which got warmer, so warm in fact, that she had to take her knickers off!

Unfortunately the lady Gillian was far too naughty to be let off with a mere hand spanking ...

What a smug bastard!

Not photographed was a lovely finale, when Gillian was hoisted on both our laps and received a simultaneous double spanking.

Many thanks to Master David and Gillian of The Red Bottom Spanking Club